What an incredible 2017 competition season the Precision Dance Company had!
We have a truly talented group of young ladies with some serious energy, will power, perseverance and determination. We are proud of our dancers and applaud their outstanding contribution to dance and the performing arts.
Congratulations to Precision Dance Company for receiving top honors at Inspire National Dance Competition: Junior Solos 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Teen Solo 1st, Senior Solo 1st, Petite Duo 1st, Junior Duo 1st, Junior Trio 1st and Senior Duo 1st.
Energy Dance Competition: Overall High Scores of the Competition 1st, 3rd, 6th , 7th and 8th (out of 10).
Go Showstopper: Teen Trio 2nd, Senior Solo 5th
Platinum: Petite Duo 1st, Junior Solo 2nd and 3rd, Junior Duo 1st and Teen Solo 1st
Rainbow: Petite Duo 1st, Junior Solo 1st, Teen Solo 3rd and Senior Solo 4th. Teen Trio 1st
Judges Awards: Precision, Most Captivating, Completely Committed, Outstanding Performance, Technique and Most Entertaining
A total of 5 Photogenic Awards
Miss Brooklyn received 3 Choreography Awards this Competition Season.
Madison was crowned Miss Teen Energy at Energy Dance’s Atlanta Competition. Her title was awarded based on question/answer, improve and solo performance.
Our very own Brooklyn Rogers was invited to Star Talent’s Nationals in July. Her solo ‘Letting Go’ was awarded a score of 297.3 (out of a possible score of 300) – the highest score of the entire competition! (nearly 200 competitors across all divisions.) Her score ended up being the highest out of all 12 Regional Competitions for Star's 2017 Lineup.
Our entries competed in the Middle or Highest (most here) Divisions scoring Platinums, Double Platinums and Platinum Elite. The dancers received scholarships, National Invites and National Opening Numbers.
3 of our dancers competed at the Universal Ballet Competition which only has Variations and Contemporary Categories. UBC has high standards for Ballet Technique. These 3 dancers competed in the highest level and received High Gold (2nd tier). Amazing!!
As you can see, our Precision Dance Company members are not just ‘another pretty face’!
Congratulations again PDC (Irene, Joanne, Lexi, Lily, Madison and Ruby)~~we look forward to next year where we will have even more dancers competing!

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2016/2017 Precision Dance Company Members

2016 Precision Dance Company Members:  Lily and Rachel

Awards this Season:

High Gold


Platinum Elite

Dynamic Duo

Invitations to Nationals

Talent America National Invite